Naturalistic Action Therapy : Manual

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RANDERATH, Jennifer, ed., Ilka BUCHMANN, ed., Alina LÖSER, ed., 2019. Naturalistic Action Therapy : Manual. 1st edition. Konstanz:Universität Konstanz & Lurija Institute. Available under: doi: 10.18148/kops/352-2-16e2befmh72jz2

@misc{Randerath2019Natur-45632, title={Naturalistic Action Therapy : Manual}, url={}, year={2019}, doi={10.18148/kops/352-2-16e2befmh72jz2} }

2019-04-15T07:11:29Z Löser, Alina The Naturalistic Action Therapy approach was designed to train patients with impaired real tool-use and related anosognosia. The manual contains a description of example tasks trained in our laboratory. In addition video-material and evaluation sheets were designed to facilitate its application. The therapy concept can and is anticipated to be adapted for miscellaneous tasks of daily living that may need to be trained in a rehabilitation institute or at home. The main neurorehabilitation principles of the Naturalistic Action Therapy are shaping, errorless learning and performance monitoring. Thus far the approach has been tested in single stroke patients. Patients with hemiparesis, aphasia or neglect can be trained with this therapy form. However, as a requirement, patients need to understand simple task instructions. Naturalistic Action Therapy : Manual 2019-04-15T07:11:29Z Randerath, Jennifer terms-of-use eng Universität Konstanz & Lurija Institute 2019 Buchmann, Ilka Konstanz

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