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GHz Yb:KYW oscillators in time-resolved spectroscopy

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LI, Changxiu, Nico KRAUSS, Gerhard SCHÄFER, Lukas EBNER, Oliver KLIEBISCH, Johannes SCHMIDT, Stephan WINNERL, Mike HETTICH, Thomas DEKORSY, 2018. GHz Yb:KYW oscillators in time-resolved spectroscopy. Solid State Lasers XXVII : Technology and Devices. San Francisco, California, Jan 29, 2018 - Feb 1, 2018. In: CLARKSON, Andrew W., ed. and others. Solid State Lasers XXVII : Technology and Devices. Bellingham, Washington:SPIE, 10511-89. ISSN 0277-786X. eISSN 1996-756X. ISBN 978-1-5106-1507-6. Available under: doi: 10.1117/12.2297568

@inproceedings{Li2018-03-01YbKYW-45135, title={GHz Yb:KYW oscillators in time-resolved spectroscopy}, year={2018}, doi={10.1117/12.2297568}, number={10511}, isbn={978-1-5106-1507-6}, issn={0277-786X}, address={Bellingham, Washington}, publisher={SPIE}, series={Proceedings of SPIE}, booktitle={Solid State Lasers XXVII : Technology and Devices}, editor={Clarkson, Andrew W.}, author={Li, Changxiu and Krauß, Nico and Schäfer, Gerhard and Ebner, Lukas and Kliebisch, Oliver and Schmidt, Johannes and Winnerl, Stephan and Hettich, Mike and Dekorsy, Thomas}, note={Article Number: 10511-89} }

Winnerl, Stephan Ebner, Lukas A high-speed asynchronous optical sampling system (ASOPS) based on Yb:KYW oscillators with 1-GHz repetition rate is reported. Two frequency-offset-stabilized diode-pumped Yb:KYW oscillators are employed as pump and probe source, respectively. The temporal resolution of this system within 1-ns time window is limited to 500 fs and the noise floor around 10<sup>-6</sup> (ΔR/R) close to the shot-noise level is obtained within an acquisition time of a few seconds. Coherent acoustic phonons are investigated by measuring multilayer semiconductor structures with multiple quantum wells and aluminum/silicon membranes in this ASOPS system. A wavepacket-like phonon sequence at 360 GHz range is detected in the semiconductor structures and a decaying sequence of acoustic oscillations up to 200 GHz is obtained in the aluminum/silicon membranes. Coherent acoustic phonons generated from semiconductor structures are further manipulated by a double pump scheme through pump time delay control. Li, Changxiu 2019-02-20T14:34:49Z eng Schäfer, Gerhard Ebner, Lukas Dekorsy, Thomas Dekorsy, Thomas 2019-02-20T14:34:49Z Kliebisch, Oliver Hettich, Mike Li, Changxiu Winnerl, Stephan GHz Yb:KYW oscillators in time-resolved spectroscopy 2018-03-01 Hettich, Mike Schäfer, Gerhard Kliebisch, Oliver Krauß, Nico Schmidt, Johannes Krauß, Nico Schmidt, Johannes

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