Die Zukunft der Sicherheit in der Kommune

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LECHTE, Ursula, 2002. Die Zukunft der Sicherheit in der Kommune [Master thesis]

@mastersthesis{Lechte2002Zukun-4381, title={Die Zukunft der Sicherheit in der Kommune}, year={2002}, author={Lechte, Ursula} }

Lechte, Ursula 2011-03-24T10:19:13Z terms-of-use Lechte, Ursula A new conception of politics regarding security issues, called local crime prevention in the community integrating all forces of society - has been gaining popularity and institutional realization in Germany during the last years.<br /><br />This is a treatise on idea, dimensions and development of crime prevention as well as on the reasons for a course correction, different views of crime prevention and potential approachs of crime prevention in a federal state.<br /><br />It presents and explains the conception of local crime prevention (KKP), showing why the KKP has recently become a white hope for all forces critical towards state and criminal law.On the basis of old crime prevention and its opposite the new one, the change in previous comprehension of the relation between state and society is lightened up.<br />Next, the development of KKP in Germany is shown, especially in Baden-Württemberg.<br /><br />In the mainly empirical orientated part of this treatise the interview results regarding the implementation process of KKP Baden-Württemberg in the district Landkreis Konstanz ist presented. 2002 2011-03-24T10:19:13Z Future of security in the community application/pdf Die Zukunft der Sicherheit in der Kommune deu

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