Infatuation and Lovesickness on Sleep Quality and Dreams in Adolescence

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SCHLARB, Angelika A., Nathalie BROCK, Fridtjof W. NUSSBECK, Merle CLASSEN, 2017. Infatuation and Lovesickness on Sleep Quality and Dreams in Adolescence. In: Health. 09(01), pp. 138-152. ISSN 1949-4998. eISSN 1949-5005. Available under: doi: 10.4236/health.2017.91010

@article{Schlarb2017Infat-43784, title={Infatuation and Lovesickness on Sleep Quality and Dreams in Adolescence}, year={2017}, doi={10.4236/health.2017.91010}, number={01}, volume={09}, issn={1949-4998}, journal={Health}, pages={138--152}, author={Schlarb, Angelika A. and Brock, Nathalie and Nussbeck, Fridtjof W. and Claßen, Merle} }

<rdf:RDF xmlns:dcterms="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:bibo="" xmlns:dspace="" xmlns:foaf="" xmlns:void="" xmlns:xsd="" > <rdf:Description rdf:about=""> <dcterms:hasPart rdf:resource=""/> <dcterms:available rdf:datatype="">2018-11-12T15:52:58Z</dcterms:available> <dc:rights>terms-of-use</dc:rights> <foaf:homepage rdf:resource="http://localhost:8080/jspui"/> <dspace:isPartOfCollection rdf:resource=""/> <dc:date rdf:datatype="">2018-11-12T15:52:58Z</dc:date> <dcterms:abstract xml:lang="eng">Background: Infatuation and lovesickness are widespread and significant experiences in adolescence. Less is known about the connection between infatuation/lovesickness and sleep. The few studies, examining the link between infatuation and sleep quality show inconsistent results. The link between lovesickness and sleep as well as the link between infatuation/lovesickness and dreams has not been investigated yet. The aim of this study was to examine whether infatuation and lovesickness are linked to sleep quality and dreams in adolescents. Methods: A self-assessment online questionnaire was constructed to assess adolescents’ infatuation, lovesickness, sleep quality and dreams. In total, data of 630 adolescents and young adults (150 males, 480 females; aged 16 - 21) were analyzed in this study. Results: Infatuation did not relate to overall sleep quality and dreams. Sleep disturbances, as a component of overall sleep quality, were more frequent in infatuated adolescents. Adolescents currently suffering from lovesickness reported a significantly lower sleep qua- lity, more negative dreams and nightmares. Furthermore, nightmares influenced them more strongly the next day. Conclusions: The associations between infatuation/lovesickness and sleep provide evidence for the far reaching effects of infatuation and lovesickness in adolescents’ lives. The fact that lovesickness leads to lower sleep quality and more negative dreams should be integrated in new approaches of insomnia treatment.</dcterms:abstract> <dcterms:title>Infatuation and Lovesickness on Sleep Quality and Dreams in Adolescence</dcterms:title> <dc:creator>Brock, Nathalie</dc:creator> <dcterms:isPartOf rdf:resource=""/> <dc:creator>Schlarb, Angelika A.</dc:creator> <dc:contributor>Brock, Nathalie</dc:contributor> <dc:contributor>Claßen, Merle</dc:contributor> <dspace:hasBitstream rdf:resource=""/> <dcterms:issued>2017</dcterms:issued> <dc:contributor>Schlarb, Angelika A.</dc:contributor> <void:sparqlEndpoint rdf:resource="http://localhost/fuseki/dspace/sparql"/> <dcterms:rights rdf:resource=""/> <dc:creator>Nussbeck, Fridtjof W.</dc:creator> <dc:creator>Claßen, Merle</dc:creator> <dc:language>eng</dc:language> <bibo:uri rdf:resource=""/> <dc:contributor>Nussbeck, Fridtjof W.</dc:contributor> </rdf:Description> </rdf:RDF>

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