SCOUT — Simplicial Continuation Utilities

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JÜRGENS, Hartmut, Dietmar SAUPE, 2003. SCOUT — Simplicial Continuation Utilities. In: ALLGOWER, Eugene L., ed., Kurt GEORG, ed.. Introduction to Numerical Continuation Methods. Philadelphia:Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, pp. 326-345. ISBN 978-0-89871-544-6. Available under: doi: 10.1137/1.9780898719154.appf

@incollection{Jurgens2003SCOUT-42234, title={SCOUT — Simplicial Continuation Utilities}, year={2003}, doi={10.1137/1.9780898719154.appf}, number={45}, isbn={978-0-89871-544-6}, address={Philadelphia}, publisher={Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics}, series={Classics in applied mathematics}, booktitle={Introduction to Numerical Continuation Methods}, pages={326--345}, editor={Allgower, Eugene L. and Georg, Kurt}, author={Jürgens, Hartmut and Saupe, Dietmar} }

2018-05-02T09:20:33Z Saupe, Dietmar 2018-05-02T09:20:33Z eng 2003 Jürgens, Hartmut Saupe, Dietmar SCOUT — Simplicial Continuation Utilities SCOUT is a program which implements a series of algorithms based on ideas described in chapter 12 concerning PL continuation methods. The problem to be solved numerically is a nonlinear fixed point or eigenvalue problem, i. e. to find the zeros of F:R<sup>N</sup>×R→R<sup>N</sup><br />(x,λ)↦F(x,λ). More precisely, the following is a list of the various problem areas that are handled by SCOUT. Jürgens, Hartmut

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