Auswirkungen des Online-Informationsmarktes auf Unternehmensentscheidungen


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SCHERTEL, Stefan, 1998. Auswirkungen des Online-Informationsmarktes auf Unternehmensentscheidungen [Master thesis]

@mastersthesis{Schertel1998Auswi-4135, title={Auswirkungen des Online-Informationsmarktes auf Unternehmensentscheidungen}, year={1998}, author={Schertel, Stefan} }

terms-of-use Auswirkungen des Online-Informationsmarktes auf Unternehmensentscheidungen deu application/pdf 2011-03-24T10:12:46Z Schertel, Stefan 2011-03-24T10:12:46Z Information is needed for most of the (relevant) decisions made in companies. As a result of the changing and expanding<br />globalization during the last decades, companies depend more than before on information that is up-to-date and fast available<br />and is extracted from a large database. Online-information which is available on the worldwide information market has the<br />needed advantages: it is a large, constantly growing market with a database feeded and updated by its participants throughout<br />the whole world. Through the use of electronic media, its resources (information) can be retrieved irrespective of location and<br />time.<br /><br />This paper discusses possible effects of the online-information-market on decisions in enterprises. Therefore experts of six large<br />and worldwide active companies from the Bodensee region have been interviewed. The theses developed in the theoretical part<br />are discussed based on the statements of the interviewed experts.<br /><br />The aim of the paper is the presentation of possible and necessary changes in companies in order to be able to use the<br />advantages given through the online-information-market. It is discussed how online-information can support decision making in<br />companies.<br /><br />As most important results are to be named the realization of an intranet and the acceptance of a new point of view on<br />information. Schertel, Stefan 1998

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