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Uniaxial 2D Superlattice of Fe<sub>4</sub> Molecular Magnets on Graphene

Uniaxial 2D Superlattice of Fe4 Molecular Magnets on Graphene

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GRAGNANIELLO, Luca, Fabian PASCHKE, Philipp ERLER, Peter SCHMITT, Nicole BARTH, Sabina SIMON, Harald BRUNE, Stefano RUSPONI, Mikhail FONIN, 2017. Uniaxial 2D Superlattice of Fe4 Molecular Magnets on Graphene. In: Nano Letters. 17(12), pp. 7177-7182. ISSN 1530-6984. eISSN 1530-6992. Available under: doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b05105

@article{Gragnaniello2017-12-13Uniax-41099, title={Uniaxial 2D Superlattice of Fe4 Molecular Magnets on Graphene}, year={2017}, doi={10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b05105}, number={12}, volume={17}, issn={1530-6984}, journal={Nano Letters}, pages={7177--7182}, author={Gragnaniello, Luca and Paschke, Fabian and Erler, Philipp and Schmitt, Peter and Barth, Nicole and Simon, Sabina and Brune, Harald and Rusponi, Stefano and Fonin, Mikhail} }

Schmitt, Peter We demonstrate that electrospray deposition enables the fabrication of highly periodic self-assembled arrays of Fe<sub>4</sub>H single molecule magnets on graphene/Ir(111). The energetic positions of molecular states are probed by means of scanning tunneling spectroscopy, showing pronounced long- and short-ranged spatial modulations, indicating the presence of both locally varying intermolecular as well as adsorption-site dependent molecule-substrate interactions. From the magnetic field dependence of the X-ray magnetic circular dichroism signal, we infer that the magnetic easy axis of each Fe<sub>4</sub>H molecule is oriented perpendicular to the sample surface and that after the deposition the value of the uniaxial anisotropy is identical to the one in bulk. Our findings therefore suggest that the observed interaction of the molecules with their surrounding does not modify the molecular magnetism, resulting in a two-dimensional array of molecular magnets that retain their bulk magnetic properties. Paschke, Fabian Uniaxial 2D Superlattice of Fe<sub>4</sub> Molecular Magnets on Graphene Simon, Sabina eng Gragnaniello, Luca 2017-12-13 Gragnaniello, Luca Brune, Harald Rusponi, Stefano Brune, Harald Paschke, Fabian Barth, Nicole Erler, Philipp Fonin, Mikhail Erler, Philipp Rusponi, Stefano Schmitt, Peter 2018-01-18T10:12:24Z Fonin, Mikhail Barth, Nicole 2018-01-18T10:12:24Z Simon, Sabina

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