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The purpose of intergovernmental councils : a framework for analysis and comparison

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The purpose of intergovernmental councils : a framework for analysis and comparison

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BEHNKE, Nathalie, Sean MUELLER, 2017. The purpose of intergovernmental councils : a framework for analysis and comparison. In: Regional & Federal Studies. 27(5), pp. 507-527. ISSN 1359-7566. eISSN 1743-9434. Available under: doi: 10.1080/13597566.2017.1367668

@article{Behnke2017-10-27purpo-40809, title={The purpose of intergovernmental councils : a framework for analysis and comparison}, year={2017}, doi={10.1080/13597566.2017.1367668}, number={5}, volume={27}, issn={1359-7566}, journal={Regional & Federal Studies}, pages={507--527}, author={Behnke, Nathalie and Mueller, Sean} }

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