Phase Transitions in Vycor Studied by Optical Techniques


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DUPUIS, Yannick, 2014. Phase Transitions in Vycor Studied by Optical Techniques [Bachelor thesis]. Konstanz: Universität

@mastersthesis{Dupuis2014Phase-39304, title={Phase Transitions in Vycor Studied by Optical Techniques}, year={2014}, address={Konstanz}, school={Universität}, author={Dupuis, Yannick} }

Wetting fluids condense in porous media for pressures smaller than their saturated vapor pressure. Unlike in bulk conditions, the transition from gas to liquid is strongly hysteretic. Drying the material requires to reduce the pressure well below the condensation pressure. Understanding the origin of this hysteresis, and the underlying evaporation mechanisms, is an active field of research.<br />In my Bachelor Thesis I examine this hysteretic cycle for n-hexane in the porous environment of Vycor. For that purpose, I built a new experimental set-up which allows simultaneously to obtain precise isotherms and to optically probe the sample. Specific attention was brought on the kink of the evaporation branch and small-angle light scattering was used to measure the fluid correlations at this point. The results show a recurring heterogeneity in the sample upon evaporation. Dupuis, Yannick Dupuis, Yannick eng 2014 2017-06-19T09:07:34Z Phase Transitions in Vycor Studied by Optical Techniques 2017-06-19T09:07:34Z terms-of-use

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