Determinanten von Leistungsabbau in den Länderhaushalten

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WOHLWENDER, Alexander, 2006. Determinanten von Leistungsabbau in den Länderhaushalten [Master thesis]

@mastersthesis{Wohlwender2006Deter-3921, title={Determinanten von Leistungsabbau in den Länderhaushalten}, year={2006}, author={Wohlwender, Alexander}, note={Auch als Druckausg. vorh.: pol 2.90:u06/w64} }

This diploma thesis examines the determinants of retrenchment in the German<br />Laender. The literature of policy-termination states that there are two possibilities to abandon a policy: An immediate termination of the policy (<br />big bang ) or a long-term decrease in public funding ( long whimper ). Focusing on the long-term decrease of the expenditures in the policy sectors of agriculture, economy and social welfare in seven Laender, the year-to-year change of defined elements of expenditure is used as dependent variable. The partisan politics model is used to explain the party differences in the specific policy fields.<br /><br />Descriptive and regression analytic methods are used to test the hypotheses on a sample of TimeSeries Cross-Sectional data. Hypotheses state that the the political parties will spare their voters. No empirical evidence supporting the<br />hypotheses is found except the finding that grand coalitions save the expenditures of their clientele and cut less expenditures than other coalition types do. Instead, the socio-economic variables such as the economic power, the level of public debts, the rate of economic growth and budget growth are able to<br />explain some variance of the changes in the Laender budgets. Wohlwender, Alexander Determinanten von Leistungsabbau in den Länderhaushalten terms-of-use 2011-03-24T10:09:38Z Determinants of retrenchment in the budgets of the German Länder deu Wohlwender, Alexander 2011-03-24T10:09:38Z application/pdf 2006

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