Specifications of Standards in Systems and Synthetic Biology

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SCHREIBER, Falk, Gary D. BADER, Martin GOLEBIEWSKI, Michael HUCKA, Benjamin KORMEIER, Nicolas LE NOVÈRE, Chris MYERS, David NICKERSON, Björn SOMMER, Dagmar WALTEMATH, 2015. Specifications of Standards in Systems and Synthetic Biology. In: Journal of integrative bioinformatics. 12(2), 258. eISSN 1613-4516. Available under: doi: 10.2390/biecoll-jib-2015-258

@article{Schreiber2015-09-04Speci-38318, title={Specifications of Standards in Systems and Synthetic Biology}, year={2015}, doi={10.2390/biecoll-jib-2015-258}, number={2}, volume={12}, journal={Journal of integrative bioinformatics}, author={Schreiber, Falk and Bader, Gary D. and Golebiewski, Martin and Hucka, Michael and Kormeier, Benjamin and Le Novère, Nicolas and Myers, Chris and Nickerson, David and Sommer, Björn and Waltemath, Dagmar}, note={Article Number: 258} }

Kormeier, Benjamin Waltemath, Dagmar Sommer, Björn Waltemath, Dagmar Le Novère, Nicolas Standards shape our everyday life. From nuts and bolts to electronic devices and technological processes, standardised products and processes are all around us. Standards have technological and economic benefits, such as making information exchange, production, and services more efficient. However, novel, innovative areas often either lack proper standards, or documents about standards in these areas are not available from a centralised platform or formal body (such as the International Standardisation Organisation). Systems and synthetic biology is a relatively novel area, and it is only in the last decade that the standardisation of data, information, and models related to systems and synthetic biology has become a community-wide effort. Several open standards have been established and are under continuous development as a community initiative. COMBINE, the ‘COmputational Modeling in BIology’ NEtwork has been established as an umbrella initiative to coordinate and promote the development of the various community standards and formats for computational models. There are yearly two meeting, HARMONY (Hackathons on Resources for Modeling in Biology), Hackathon-type meetings with a focus on development of the support for standards, and COMBINE forums, workshop-style events with oral presentations, discussion, poster, and breakout sessions for further developing the standards. For more information see http://co.mbine.org/. So far the different standards were published and made accessible through the standards’ web- pages or preprint services. The aim of this special issue is to provide a single, easily accessible and citable platform for the publication of standards in systems and synthetic biology. This special issue is intended to serve as a central access point to standards and related initiatives in systems and synthetic biology, it will be published annually to provide an opportunity for standard development groups to communicate updated specifications. Golebiewski, Martin Le Novère, Nicolas Nickerson, David Myers, Chris Kormeier, Benjamin Golebiewski, Martin Hucka, Michael Bader, Gary D. eng Schreiber, Falk Myers, Chris Bader, Gary D. Nickerson, David 2015-09-04 Hucka, Michael Specifications of Standards in Systems and Synthetic Biology 2017-04-04T14:20:23Z Sommer, Björn 2017-04-04T14:20:23Z Schreiber, Falk

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