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SCHWARZE, Christoph, 2009. I pronomi clitici

@unpublished{Schwarze2009prono-3827, title={I pronomi clitici}, year={2009}, author={Schwarze, Christoph}, note={Vorfassung für: Enciclopedia dell Italiano / Raffaele Simone (ed.). 2 vols. Roma: Treccani, 2010} }

This text was written for the Enciclopedia dell italiano. It describes and analyses the clitic pronouns of Italian from a lexicalistic and feature-based perspective. The length of the article and the comprehensiveness of the references were limited by the encyclopedia s norms. The following topics are treated:<br />- Clitics vs. weak forms<br />- The clitic pronouns of Italian, crosslinguistically<br />- Inventory and feature structures of the forms<br />- Clitic clusters: constraints, precedence rule and lexical storage<br />- The lineare relation between the clitics and their host<br />- Mapping case features on grammatical functions<br />- The polysemie of si: pronoun vs. government operator<br />- Clitics and free pronouns: selection and co-occurrence<br />- non argumental and opaque clitics 2011-03-24T10:06:44Z application/pdf 2011-03-24T10:06:44Z Italian Clitics Schwarze, Christoph I pronomi clitici 2009 deu terms-of-use Schwarze, Christoph

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