Evidence for a Strong Topological Insulator Phase in ZrTe5


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MANZONI, Giulia, Luca GRAGNANIELLO, G. AUTÈS, Timo KUHN, Andrea STERZI, Federico CILENTO, Michele ZACCHIGNA, Vivien Anna-Lena ENENKEL, Mikhail FONIN, Alberto CREPALDI, 2016. Evidence for a Strong Topological Insulator Phase in ZrTe5. In: Physical Review Letters. 117(23), 237601. ISSN 0031-9007. eISSN 1079-7114. Available under: doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.237601

@article{Manzoni2016Evide-37428, title={Evidence for a Strong Topological Insulator Phase in ZrTe5}, year={2016}, doi={10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.237601}, number={23}, volume={117}, issn={0031-9007}, journal={Physical Review Letters}, author={Manzoni, Giulia and Gragnaniello, Luca and Autès, G. and Kuhn, Timo and Sterzi, Andrea and Cilento, Federico and Zacchigna, Michele and Enenkel, Vivien Anna-Lena and Fonin, Mikhail and Crepaldi, Alberto}, note={Article Number: 237601} }

Gragnaniello, Luca 2017-02-15T07:57:46Z The complex electronic properties of $\mathrm{ZrTe_5}$ have recently stimulated in-depth investigations that assigned this material to either a topological insulator or a 3D Dirac semimetal phase. Here we report a comprehensive experimental and theoretical study of both electronic and structural properties of $\mathrm{ZrTe_5}$, revealing that the bulk material is a strong topological insulator (STI). By means of angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, we identify at the top of the valence band both a surface and a bulk state. The dispersion of these bands is well captured by ab initio calculations for the STI case, for the specific interlayer distance measured in our x-ray diffraction study. Furthermore, these findings are supported by scanning tunneling spectroscopy revealing the metallic character of the sample surface, thus confirming the strong topological nature of $\mathrm{ZrTe_5}$. eng Evidence for a Strong Topological Insulator Phase in ZrTe<sub>5</sub> Manzoni, Giulia Cilento, Federico Sterzi, Andrea Gragnaniello, Luca Crepaldi, Alberto Kuhn, Timo Autès, G. Crepaldi, Alberto Zacchigna, Michele Enenkel, Vivien Anna-Lena Enenkel, Vivien Anna-Lena Cilento, Federico Fonin, Mikhail Fonin, Mikhail 2016 Manzoni, Giulia 2017-02-15T07:57:46Z Sterzi, Andrea Kuhn, Timo Zacchigna, Michele Autès, G.

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