Strain pattern in supercooled liquids


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ILLING, Bernd, Sebastian FRITSCHI, David HAJNAL, Christian KLIX, Peter KEIM, Matthias FUCHS, 2016. Strain pattern in supercooled liquids. In: Physical Review Letters. 117(20), 208002. ISSN 0031-9007. eISSN 1079-7114. Available under: doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.208002

@article{Illing2016-06-10T15:04:24ZStrai-37227, title={Strain pattern in supercooled liquids}, year={2016}, doi={10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.208002}, number={20}, volume={117}, issn={0031-9007}, journal={Physical Review Letters}, author={Illing, Bernd and Fritschi, Sebastian and Hajnal, David and Klix, Christian and Keim, Peter and Fuchs, Matthias}, note={Article Number: 208002} }

Strain pattern in supercooled liquids Hajnal, David Klix, Christian Fuchs, Matthias Illing, Bernd Keim, Peter 2017-02-08T15:00:14Z Investigations of strain correlations at the glass transition reveal unexpected phenomena. The shear strain fluctuations show an Eshelby-strain pattern [∼cos(4θ)/r<sup>2</sup>], characteristic of elastic response, even in liquids, at long times. We address this using a mode-coupling theory for the strain fluctuations in supercooled liquids and data from both video microscopy of a two-dimensional colloidal glass former and simulations of Brownian hard disks. We show that the long-ranged and long-lived strain signatures follow a scaling law valid close to the glass transition. For large enough viscosities, the Eshelby-strain pattern is visible even on time scales longer than the structural relaxation time τ and after the shear modulus has relaxed to zero. Fritschi, Sebastian 2017-02-08T15:00:14Z Illing, Bernd Fuchs, Matthias eng Klix, Christian Keim, Peter Fritschi, Sebastian Hajnal, David 2016-06-10T15:04:24Z

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