Enhanced oxidation of thermally grown SiO2 due to P-precipitates


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DASTGHEIB-SHIRAZI, Amir, Johannes RINDER, Michael STEYER, Barbara TERHEIDEN, Giso HAHN, 2016. Enhanced oxidation of thermally grown SiO2 due to P-precipitates. In: Energy Procedia. 2016(92), pp. 457-465. eISSN 1876-6102. Available under: doi: 10.1016/j.egypro.2016.07.127

@article{DastgheibShirazi2016Enhan-36120, title={Enhanced oxidation of thermally grown SiO2 due to P-precipitates}, year={2016}, doi={10.1016/j.egypro.2016.07.127}, number={92}, volume={2016}, journal={Energy Procedia}, pages={457--465}, author={Dastgheib-Shirazi, Amir and Rinder, Johannes and Steyer, Michael and Terheiden, Barbara and Hahn, Giso} }

Terheiden, Barbara Steyer, Michael 2016-11-29T13:27:48Z Dastgheib-Shirazi, Amir Hahn, Giso Previous studies of thermal oxidation on a doped structure showed that growth of thermal SiO2 depends on the charge carrier concentration. Here we show that growth behavior of a thermal SiO2 layer also depends strongly on the emitter’s electrically nonactive P concentration. Experimental data show that an increase in P precipitate concentration has a significant influence on the growth kinetics of thermally grown SiO2 layers. Despite constant charge carrier concentration in the emitter, an increase in growth rate up to a factor of 2 was measured in samples with increased inactive P concentration. Quantitative elemental analysis of the thermally grown SiO2 layers further shows that the SiO2 composition can be strongly influenced by the Si substrate’s inactive P concentration. terms-of-use eng Steyer, Michael 2016 Rinder, Johannes Rinder, Johannes Enhanced oxidation of thermally grown SiO<sub>2</sub> due to P-precipitates 2016-11-29T13:27:48Z Hahn, Giso Terheiden, Barbara Dastgheib-Shirazi, Amir

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