Unterhaltungsmusik im Dritten Reich

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JOCKWER, Axel, 2004. Unterhaltungsmusik im Dritten Reich [Dissertation]. Konstanz: University of Konstanz

@phdthesis{Jockwer2004Unter-3454, title={Unterhaltungsmusik im Dritten Reich}, year={2004}, author={Jockwer, Axel}, address={Konstanz}, school={Universität Konstanz} }

deu 2011-03-23T13:46:25Z application/pdf terms-of-use The book deals with production, distribution, reception and content of popular music in the Third Reich era including the context of national-socialist politics towards culture. -<br /><br />1) Popular Music and popular culture the raising of mass culture and its meaning for popular music.<br />How can you define popular music? How does mass culture come into the society polarizing it?<br />What happens when totalitarian politics clashes with popular mass culture? -<br /><br />2) Popular music is bound to national socialist politics and its institutions: Reichs Music Chamber, Ministry of Propaganda etc.<br />How has the Reichs Music Chamber been founded and how do the musicians react?<br />What are the hopes and wishes of the musicians for a national socialist future? The popular musician gets the possibility for a great career and a way out of social nowhere. -<br /><br />3) The German Schlager (hit) has been discovered for politics in a process. There is a certain development from heavy ideological resentments to popular music devoted to the Fuehrer . Even German marching music and popular soldiers songs have been very much influenced by the civil Schlager . -<br /><br />4) There is a certain development from forbidding nigger jazz in German radio to accepting swing music and even supporting such kind of dancing music during the war. -<br /><br />5) Popular music in the German radio of the national socialist era has a special history. How did the famous Wunschkonzert work and how was the Wunschkonzert adapted to the needs of the war? How did the war changed the program? What kind of music did the broadcast stations of the Wehrmacht prefer to keep the soldiers on air?<br />The German Dance- and Entertainment Orchestra (DTUO) has been founded as a big band financed by the state to represent Germany. The music was quite modern, mostly fox and swing.<br />Charlie and his Orchestra was the name of a band organized by the Ministry of Propaganda which made up-to-date swing music with texts written for propaganda issues. -<br /><br />6) What is the relation between propaganda and popular music? Is it the perfect fit? Did Goebbels just take the popular music and used it for the purpose of propaganda? Or happens the adaptation of popular music by the national socialism in a not determined, process-related way? Is there a national socialist popular music or a popular music during the Third Reich? 2011-03-23T13:46:25Z Jockwer, Axel 2004 Unterhaltungsmusik im Dritten Reich Jockwer, Axel Popular Music in the Third Reich

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