Flexibilisierungstendenzen des modernen Strafrechts und das Computerstrafrecht


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HONG, Seung-Hee, 2002. Flexibilisierungstendenzen des modernen Strafrechts und das Computerstrafrecht [Dissertation]. Konstanz: University of Konstanz

@phdthesis{Hong2002Flexi-3365, title={Flexibilisierungstendenzen des modernen Strafrechts und das Computerstrafrecht}, year={2002}, author={Hong, Seung-Hee}, address={Konstanz}, school={Universität Konstanz} }

2002 Hong, Seung-Hee Computer and internet criminal law is a perfect example of how modern criminal law is employed (by the judicature) in order to overcome significant man-made risks. Accordingly its compatibility with criminal law traditions inherent in the rule of law is questioned. It could appear that modern criminal law exists at great cost to the constitutionality thereof. This is referred to in the general flexibility of such modern criminal law. For this reason, Hong s dissertation reviews whether the tendency to deviate from such constitutional structures is also apparent in computer criminal law.<br /><br />For this purpose the first section of the book (chapters 1, 2, 3) examines the present criminal law situation and critically considers modern criminal law (the flexibility of constitutional structures in contemporary criminal law). The second section (chapters 4, 5, 6) deals with the question of whether a tendency to become flexible is traceable in the positive norms of both German (§§ 202a, 263a, 303a, 303b StGB) and Korean (§§ 140 III, 316 II, 347b, 141 I, 366, 314 II, 227b, 228 I, 229, 232b, 234 KStGB) computer criminal law. The third section (chapters 7, 8, 9) reviews how the challenge posed by computer and internet criminality has been dealt with in legal practice. In practical terms, Hong considers whether the three previous leading decisions given in the cases CompuServe , Auschwitzluege and Kinderpornographie have been tuned to-wards such flexibility tendencies. Flexibilisierungstendenzen des modernen Strafrechts und das Computerstrafrecht terms-of-use Hong, Seung-Hee 2011-03-23T13:44:40Z deu The flexibility of modern criminal law and computer criminal law application/pdf 2011-03-23T13:44:40Z

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