Thin films of size-selected Mo clusters : growth modes and structures

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DOLLINGER, Andreas, Eun Ji PARK, Christoph H. STROBEL, Hannes BLEUEL, Alexander MARSTELLER, Hyun Ook SEO, Young Dok KIM, Gerd GANTEFÖR, 2015. Thin films of size-selected Mo clusters : growth modes and structures. In: Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics : PCCP. 17(32), pp. 20873-20881. ISSN 1463-9076. eISSN 1463-9084. Available under: doi: 10.1039/c5cp03147h

@article{Dollinger2015films-33044, title={Thin films of size-selected Mo clusters : growth modes and structures}, year={2015}, doi={10.1039/c5cp03147h}, number={32}, volume={17}, issn={1463-9076}, journal={Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics : PCCP}, pages={20873--20881}, author={Dollinger, Andreas and Park, Eun Ji and Strobel, Christoph H. and Bleuel, Hannes and Marsteller, Alexander and Seo, Hyun Ook and Kim, Young Dok and Ganteför, Gerd} }

2016-02-19T07:39:37Z Ganteför, Gerd Thin films of MoO<sub>3</sub> were prepared by deposition of size-selected ligand-free Mo clusters under high vacuum conditions and subsequent exposure to air. The growth pattern is highly dependent on the cluster size. At low coverage, small clusters (Mo<sub>51</sub>) form a continuous monolayer of fused particles. On top of this monolayer, additional clusters survive as individual entities. Medium sized clusters (Mo2<sub>51</sub> and Mo1<sub>253</sub>) do not coalesce and form a monolayer of clusters. Close examination using in situ scanning tunneling microscopy reveals a local order of the particles. At higher coverage a new pattern of large 3-dimensional aggregations of clusters (pylons) appears. The pylons are not formed under high vacuum conditions. Their formation is most likely caused by the air exposure. For the largest clusters (Mo<sub>3349</sub>) studied here, no monolayer is formed. Instead, the clusters are randomly distributed as expected for particles with zero mobility. These results demonstrate the high potential of cluster deposition for the production of new types of nanostructured surfaces, thin films and nanomaterials. Strobel, Christoph H. Dollinger, Andreas Marsteller, Alexander Thin films of size-selected Mo clusters : growth modes and structures Seo, Hyun Ook Ganteför, Gerd Bleuel, Hannes Seo, Hyun Ook 2015 Bleuel, Hannes Park, Eun Ji Park, Eun Ji Marsteller, Alexander 2016-02-19T07:39:37Z Strobel, Christoph H. terms-of-use Dollinger, Andreas eng Kim, Young Dok Kim, Young Dok

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