Assessment of health behaviors

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RENNER, Britta, Verena KLUSMANN-WEISSKOPF, Gudrun SPROESSER, 2015. Assessment of health behaviors. In: J. D. WRIGHT, , ed.. The International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2. ed.. Oxford, England:Elsevier, pp. 588-593. ISBN 978-0-08-097086-8

@inbook{Renner2015Asses-31388, title={Assessment of health behaviors}, year={2015}, edition={2. ed.}, isbn={978-0-08-097086-8}, address={Oxford, England}, publisher={Elsevier}, pages={588--593}, editor={J. D. Wright}, author={Renner, Britta and Klusmann-Weißkopf, Verena and Sproesser, Gudrun} }

Renner, Britta Klusmann-Weißkopf, Verena Health-related behaviors, such as physical activity, smoking, and healthy eating differ along numerous dimensions (e.g., frequency, volition), requiring various analysis methods. Physiological methods (e.g., salivary cotinine as a biomarker for<br />smoking) offer high accuracy, and low demand characteristics but are comparably cost-intensive. Moreover, behavior-specific biomarkers are rare, preventing routine application. Behavioral observation methods using electronic devices (e.g., smartphones, accelerometers) offer accurate, valid, and effective possibilities for assessing everyday health behaviors. Self-reports on past behavioral frequencies are the most common and least resource demanding; however, irrelevant or biased questions seriously decrease the validity of a survey. 2015-07-08T08:20:33Z Sproesser, Gudrun Sproesser, Gudrun Klusmann-Weißkopf, Verena 2015-07-08T08:20:33Z Renner, Britta Assessment of health behaviors eng 2015

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