Alanate Anion, AlH4– : Photoelectron Spectrum and Computations


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GRAHAM, Jacob D., Allyson M. BUYTENDYK, Xiang ZHANG, Evan L. COLLINS, Bggavarapu KIRAN, Gerd GANTEFÖR, Bryan W. EICHHORN, Gennady L. GUTSEV, Sumita BEHERA, Puru JENA, Kit H. BOWEN, 2014. Alanate Anion, AlH4– : Photoelectron Spectrum and Computations. In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 118(37), pp. 8158-8162. ISSN 1089-5639. eISSN 1520-5215

@article{Graham2014Alana-29322, title={Alanate Anion, AlH4– : Photoelectron Spectrum and Computations}, year={2014}, doi={10.1021/jp500678n}, number={37}, volume={118}, issn={1089-5639}, journal={The Journal of Physical Chemistry A}, pages={8158--8162}, author={Graham, Jacob D. and Buytendyk, Allyson M. and Zhang, Xiang and Collins, Evan L. and Kiran, Bggavarapu and Ganteför, Gerd and Eichhorn, Bryan W. and Gutsev, Gennady L. and Behera, Sumita and Jena, Puru and Bowen, Kit H.} }

Bowen, Kit H. 2014-11-27T09:25:39Z 2014-11-27T09:25:39Z Jena, Puru Behera, Sumita Gutsev, Gennady L. Graham, Jacob D. Zhang, Xiang Gutsev, Gennady L. Ganteför, Gerd Zhang, Xiang Eichhorn, Bryan W. Graham, Jacob D. 2014 Bowen, Kit H. Eichhorn, Bryan W. Buytendyk, Allyson M. Collins, Evan L. Kiran, Bggavarapu Buytendyk, Allyson M. Kiran, Bggavarapu Ganteför, Gerd Alanate Anion, AlH<sub>4</sub>– : Photoelectron Spectrum and Computations Jena, Puru The alanate anion, AlH<sub>4</sub>–, was generated in the gas phase using a pulsed arc cluster ionization source. Its photoelectron spectrum was then measured with 193 nm photons. The spectrum consists of a broad feature, spanning electron binding energies from 3.8 eV to over 5.3 eV. This band reflects the photodetachment transitions between the ground state of the AlH<sub>4</sub>– anion and the ground state of its thermodynamically unstable neutral counterpart, AlH<sub>4</sub>. The vertical detachment energy (VDE) of AlH<sub>4</sub>– was measured to be 4.4 eV. Additionally, VDE values were also computed in a comprehensive theoretical study and compared both with the previously computed value and with our experimentally determined value. eng Behera, Sumita Collins, Evan L.

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