On the Existence of Designer Magnetic Superatoms


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ZHANG, Xinxing, Yi WANG, Haopeng WANG, Alane LIM, Gerd GANTEFÖR, Kit BOWEN, J. Ulises REVELES, Shiv N. KHANNA, 2013. On the Existence of Designer Magnetic Superatoms. In: Journal of the American Chemical Society. 135(12), pp. 4856-4861. ISSN 0002-7863. eISSN 1520-5126

@article{Zhang2013-03-27Exist-27123, title={On the Existence of Designer Magnetic Superatoms}, year={2013}, doi={10.1021/ja400830z}, number={12}, volume={135}, issn={0002-7863}, journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society}, pages={4856--4861}, author={Zhang, Xinxing and Wang, Yi and Wang, Haopeng and Lim, Alane and Ganteför, Gerd and Bowen, Kit and Reveles, J. Ulises and Khanna, Shiv N.} }

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