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Relaxation dynamics of the mass-​selected hydrated auride ion (Au<sup>-</sup>​)

Relaxation dynamics of the mass-​selected hydrated auride ion (Au-​)


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BRAUN, Christian, Susanne PIETSCH, Sebastian PROCH, Young Dok KIM, Gerd GANTEFÖR, 2013. Relaxation dynamics of the mass-​selected hydrated auride ion (Au-​). In: Chemical Physics Letters. 588, pp. 27-30. ISSN 0009-2614. eISSN 1873-4448. Available under: doi: 10.1016/j.cplett.2013.09.064

@article{Braun2013Relax-26614, title={Relaxation dynamics of the mass-​selected hydrated auride ion (Au-​)}, year={2013}, doi={10.1016/j.cplett.2013.09.064}, volume={588}, issn={0009-2614}, journal={Chemical Physics Letters}, pages={27--30}, author={Braun, Christian and Pietsch, Susanne and Proch, Sebastian and Kim, Young Dok and Ganteför, Gerd}, note={Erratum to ‘Relaxation dynamics... ': We included above the corrected author list. One of the co-authors, Susanne Pietsch, was missing in the originally published Letter. The main contributions from Susanne Pietsch were the photoelectron spectra of Au−(H2O)m with m = 0–6 shown in Figure 1 measured with a photon energy of 7.9 eV. These data were critical to understand the data of the femtosecond time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. [Chemical Physics Letters ; Available online 12 February 2014]} }

Braun, Christian Braun, Christian Chemical Physics Letters ; 588 (2013). - S. 27-30 Relaxation dynamics of the mass-​selected hydrated auride ion (Au<sup>-</sup>​) Proch, Sebastian By using time-​resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, decay of optically excited states of hydrated Au-​ mass-​selected in the gas phase was studied. Probably the pump-​photon can induce injection of an electron from auride chromophore to the H2O solvent. The cluster with 3 H2O mols. (Au-​(H2O)​3) showed a long-​living excited state with a lifetime of ∼19 ± 3 ps, whereas that of Au-​(H2O)​2 is only ∼3 ± 1 ps. The fate of an optically excited state of an ionic species can be significantly changed by the no. of H2O (solvent) mols. attached. deposit-license eng Kim, Young Dok Proch, Sebastian Pietsch, Susanne 2013 2014-03-04T09:56:33Z Pietsch, Susanne Ganteför, Gerd 2014-03-04T09:56:33Z Ganteför, Gerd Kim, Young Dok

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