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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict : war coverage and peace journalism

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KEMPF, Wilhelm, ed., Dov SHINAR, ed., 2014. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict : war coverage and peace journalism. 1. Berlin: Regener. ISBN 978-3-936014-31-0

@book{Kempf2014Israe-26390, isbn={978-3-936014-31-0}, publisher={Berlin: Regener}, series={Friedens- und Demokratiepsychologie;11}, title={The Israeli-Palestinian conflict : war coverage and peace journalism}, year={2014}, edition={1}, editor={Kempf, Wilhelm and Shinar, Dov} }

eng 978-3-936014-31-0 terms-of-use The Israeli-Palestinian conflict : war coverage and peace journalism Shinar, Dov Kempf, Wilhelm 2014 Using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a natural laboratory for studying possibilities and limitations of constructive conflict coverage, the present book combines a longitudinal retrospective look at the coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with experimental research on audience reactions and theoretical questions of conflict, war and peace coverage.<br />The editors aimed at utilizing these materials to learn about changes in media framing and representation of issues, actors, and leaders; to focus on problems of war coverage and peace journalism, such as the persistence of a war orientation in media culture and performance, and the extent to which the media have “matured” so as to change this normative orientation in favor of an increased contribution to peacemaking and peacekeeping; and to study and criticize peace journalism thought, research and action after some twenty years since its emergence. 2014-03-28T10:00:11Z Berlin: Regener 2014-03-28T10:00:11Z

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