Measuring Birds

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ECK, Siegfried, Till TÖPFER, Jürgen FIEBIG, Iris HEYNEN, Wolfgang FIEDLER, Bernd NICOLAI, Renate VAN DEN ELZEN, Raffael WINKLER, Friederike WOOG, TÖPFER, Till, ed., Iris HEYNEN, ed., 2011. Measuring Birds. Minden:Christ Media Natur. ISBN 978-3-923757-05-3

@book{Eck2011Measu-25868, isbn={978-3-923757-05-3}, publisher={Christ Media Natur}, title={Measuring Birds}, url={}, year={2011}, address={Minden}, editor={Töpfer, Till and Heynen, Iris}, author={Eck, Siegfried and Töpfer, Till and Fiebig, Jürgen and Heynen, Iris and Fiedler, Wolfgang and Nicolai, Bernd and van den Elzen, Renate and Winkler, Raffael and Woog, Friederike} }

Nicolai, Bernd deu Fiebig, Jürgen Fiedler, Wolfgang Vögel Vermessen Töpfer, Till 2014-08-14T15:45:18Z Eck, Siegfried 978-3-923757-05-3 Fiebig, Jürgen Nicolai, Bernd Fiedler, Wolfgang Developed by a team of field and museum ornithologists, this publication is the first comprehensive presentation of a large number of different measurements that can be taken on birds since the 1931 treatise of Baldwin, Oberholser and Worley, published in the Scientific Publications of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.<br /><br />With the aid of detailed illustrations this handy volume offers concise instructions and recommendations on how to measure birds. Problems with particular measurement techniques are discussed, as are accuracy, reliability, and comparability of measurements, the numbering of flight feathers, skull ossification, determining weight, and appropriate measuring tools. A comprehensive glossary and list of references round off this useful book. Printed on durable water-resistant paper and with an innovative binding, this manual has been explicitly designed for use in the field and for taxidermy. Eck, Siegfried Woog, Friederike Winkler, Raffael Minden van den Elzen, Renate Töpfer, Till 2014-08-14T15:45:18Z Heynen, Iris Heynen, Iris Woog, Friederike Measuring Birds 2011 Winkler, Raffael terms-of-use Christ Media Natur van den Elzen, Renate

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