Here today, gone tomorrow : saving migratory animals

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KAYS, Roland, Stephen BLAKE, Sebastian CRUZ, Wolfgang FIEDLER, Bart KRANSTAUBER, Carolina PROANIO, Rolf WEINZIERL, Martin WIKELSKI, 2011. Here today, gone tomorrow : saving migratory animals. In: sciencebuddiesorg

@article{Kays2011today-25865, title={Here today, gone tomorrow : saving migratory animals}, url={}, year={2011}, journal={sciencebuddiesorg}, author={Kays, Roland and Blake, Stephen and Cruz, Sebastian and Fiedler, Wolfgang and Kranstauber, Bart and Proanio, Carolina and Weinzierl, Rolf and Wikelski, Martin} }

Blake, Stephen sciencebuddiesorg Kays, Roland 2011 Fiedler, Wolfgang Abstract<br />Extinct might be a word you associate with animals that lived long ago, like the dinosaurs, but did you know that over 18,000 species are classified as "threatened" (susceptible to extinction) today? Scientists involved in wildlife conservation have a tough job; they're in charge of determining what needs to be done to prevent a species from becoming extinct. Habitat, food supply, and impacts of local human populations are just a few of the factors these scientists take into account. It's a lot to keep track of for a single location, but the job becomes even harder when it's a migratory animal. In this science project, you'll get a firsthand look at their job. You'll access real data about migratory birds and use satellite images to analyze their habitats, then come up with a conservation plan to protect the species from extinction. Blake, Stephen 2014-08-14T16:34:20Z Kranstauber, Bart Fiedler, Wolfgang Proanio, Carolina Here today, gone tomorrow : saving migratory animals Weinzierl, Rolf terms-of-use Proanio, Carolina 2014-08-14T16:34:20Z Kranstauber, Bart Wikelski, Martin Wikelski, Martin Cruz, Sebastian Cruz, Sebastian Weinzierl, Rolf eng Kays, Roland

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