IDA - A Design Environment for Ergonomic User Interfaces

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REITERER, Harald, 1995. IDA - A Design Environment for Ergonomic User Interfaces. In: NORDBY, Knut, ed. and others. Human-Computer Interaction : Interact Interact'95. London [u.a.]:Chapman & Hall, pp. 305-310. ISBN 0-412-71790-5

@incollection{Reiterer1995Desig-25321, title={IDA - A Design Environment for Ergonomic User Interfaces}, year={1995}, isbn={0-412-71790-5}, address={London [u.a.]}, publisher={Chapman & Hall}, booktitle={Human-Computer Interaction : Interact Interact'95}, pages={305--310}, editor={Nordby, Knut}, author={Reiterer, Harald} }

2013-12-03T14:13:18Z 1995 Surveys have shown that user interface development tools with domain competence based on human factors knowledge (e.g. guidelines, style guides, standards) are needed. This knowledge should be encountered, learned, practised, and expanded during ongoing use so that designers can learn and use it on demand. This paper addresses an important research approach of user interface development tools, namely to discover helpful, unobtrusive, structured, and organised ways to integrate the use of human factors knowledge into development tools. The aim is to support designers during the design process with powerful design aid tools leading to high ergonomic quality user interfaces. eng 2013-12-03T14:13:18Z Human-Computer Interaction : Interact ́'95 / ed. by Knut Nordby ... . - London [u.a.] : Chapman & Hall, 1995. - S. 305-310. - ISBN 0-412-71790-5 terms-of-use IDA - A Design Environment for Ergonomic User Interfaces Reiterer, Harald Reiterer, Harald

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