A novel blue dye for near-IR 'dye-sensitised' solar cell applications


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BURKE, Anthony, Lukas SCHMIDT-MENDE, Seigo ITO, Michael GRÄTZEL, 2007. A novel blue dye for near-IR 'dye-sensitised' solar cell applications. In: Chem. Commun.(3), pp. 234-236. ISSN 1359-7345. eISSN 1364-548X. Available under: doi: 10.1039/B609266G

@article{Burke2007-01-21novel-25243, title={A novel blue dye for near-IR 'dye-sensitised' solar cell applications}, year={2007}, doi={10.1039/B609266G}, number={3}, issn={1359-7345}, journal={Chem. Commun.}, pages={234--236}, author={Burke, Anthony and Schmidt-Mende, Lukas and Ito, Seigo and Grätzel, Michael} }

A squaraine dye incorporating two carboxylic acid attaching groups has been synthesised and used successfully in both liquid and solid-state solar cells, with solar energy to electricity conversion efficiencies (η) under AM 1.5 G irradiation (100 mW cm<sup>−2</sup>) of 3.7 and 1.5% and short-circuit current densities (J<sub>sc</sub>s) of 8.6 and 4.2 mA cm<sup>−2</sup>, with open-circuit voltages (V<sub>oc</sub>) of 591 and 681 mV and fill factors (FF) of 73 and 53%, respectively. Schmidt-Mende, Lukas 2013-11-27T11:16:43Z Grätzel, Michael 2007-01-21 2013-11-27T11:16:43Z Schmidt-Mende, Lukas Burke, Anthony Chemical communications : ChemComm ; (2007), 3. - S. 234-236 Ito, Seigo Grätzel, Michael Ito, Seigo A novel blue dye for near-IR 'dye-sensitised' solar cell applications eng terms-of-use Burke, Anthony

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