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Visual sentiment analysis of customer feedback streams using geo-temporal term associations

Visual sentiment analysis of customer feedback streams using geo-temporal term associations


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HAO, Ming C., Christian ROHRDANTZ, Halldor JANETZKO, Daniel KEIM, Umeshwar DAYAL, Lars Erik HAUG, Meichun HSU, Florian STOFFEL, 2013. Visual sentiment analysis of customer feedback streams using geo-temporal term associations. In: Information Visualization. 12(3-4), pp. 273-290. ISSN 1473-8716. eISSN 1473-8724

@article{Hao2013Visua-24781, title={Visual sentiment analysis of customer feedback streams using geo-temporal term associations}, year={2013}, doi={10.1177/1473871613481691}, number={3-4}, volume={12}, issn={1473-8716}, journal={Information Visualization}, pages={273--290}, author={Hao, Ming C. and Rohrdantz, Christian and Janetzko, Halldor and Keim, Daniel and Dayal, Umeshwar and Haug, Lars Erik and Hsu, Meichun and Stoffel, Florian} }

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