Mapping different datatypes ensuring secure cloud storage

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RAIN, Andreas-Daniel, 2013. Mapping different datatypes ensuring secure cloud storage [Bachelor thesis]

@mastersthesis{Rain2013Mappi-24733, title={Mapping different datatypes ensuring secure cloud storage}, year={2013}, author={Rain, Andreas-Daniel} }

2013-10-07T09:52:19Z 2013-10-07T09:52:19Z eng Rain, Andreas-Daniel Rain, Andreas-Daniel Mapping different datatypes ensuring secure cloud storage In this thesis two generic approaches on how to store different datatypes to a cloud storage are proposed, thereby utilizing Treetank. As part of this thesis implementations for the proposed approaches have been implemented to evaluate their practicability and search out strengths as well as weaknesses. Current cloud storage systems, security concerns towards privacy, stability and integrity of data shared with “the Cloud” is discussed. An overview of Treetank, that originally was designed to be a native XML-Storage and grew into a powerful framework that allows for more than storing XML-structured data, is provided and evaluated since it is a basis for this works implementations.<br /><br />In the last years the system has been extended to support REST and XML as datatypes that are to be stored within Treetank. Files and block-based storage devices are datatypes that are evaluated as candidates of storing data in a cloud storage. Storing files is supported by many cloud storage systems, whereas mapping storage devices utilizing the iSCSI protocol to a cloud storage is a novel approach in this field of work. 2013 Mapping verschiedener Datentypen auf ein sicheres Cloudlayer terms-of-use

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