Graph Markup Language (GraphML)

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BRANDES, Ulrik, Markus EIGLSPERGER, Jürgen LERNER, Christian PICH, 2010. Graph Markup Language (GraphML). In: TAMASSIA, Roberto, ed.. Handbook of graph drawing and visualization. London:Chapman & Hall, pp. 517-541. ISBN 978-1-58488-412-5

@incollection{Brandes2010Graph-24426, title={Graph Markup Language (GraphML)}, year={2010}, isbn={978-1-58488-412-5}, address={London}, publisher={Chapman & Hall}, booktitle={Handbook of graph drawing and visualization}, pages={517--541}, editor={Tamassia, Roberto}, author={Brandes, Ulrik and Eiglsperger, Markus and Lerner, Jürgen and Pich, Christian} }

2010 Pich, Christian Eiglsperger, Markus Graph Markup Language (GraphML) terms-of-use Brandes, Ulrik Eiglsperger, Markus Lerner, Jürgen eng 2013-09-25T07:54:53Z Pich, Christian Handbook of graph drawing and visualization / Roberto Tamassia (ed.). - London : Chapman & Hall, 2010. - S. 517-541. - ISBN 978-1-584-88412-5 2013-09-25T07:54:53Z Brandes, Ulrik Lerner, Jürgen

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