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The General Self-Efficacy Scale : Multicultural Validation Studies

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LUSZCZYNSKA, Aleksandra, Urte SCHOLZ, Ralf SCHWARZER, 2005. The General Self-Efficacy Scale : Multicultural Validation Studies. In: The Journal of Psychology. 139(5), pp. 439-457. ISSN 0022-3980. eISSN 1940-1019. Available under: doi: 10.3200/JRLP.139.5.439-457

@article{Luszczynska2005-09Gener-21069, title={The General Self-Efficacy Scale : Multicultural Validation Studies}, year={2005}, doi={10.3200/JRLP.139.5.439-457}, number={5}, volume={139}, issn={0022-3980}, journal={The Journal of Psychology}, pages={439--457}, author={Luszczynska, Aleksandra and Scholz, Urte and Schwarzer, Ralf} }

General self-efficacy is the belief in one's competence to cope with a broad range of stressful or challenging demands, whereas specific self-efficacy is constrained to a particular task at hand. Relations between general self-efficacy and social cognitive variables (intention, implementation intentions, outcome expectancies, and self-regulation), behavior-specific self-efficacy, health behaviors, well-being, and coping strategies were examined among 1,933 respondents in 3 countries: Germany (n = 633), Poland (n = 359), and South Korea (n = 941). Participants were between 16 and 86 years old, and some were dealing with stressful situations such as recovery from myocardial events or tumor surgery. Perceived self-efficacy was measured by means of the General Self-Efficacy Scale (R. Schwarzer & M. Jerusalem, 1995). Meta-analysis was used to determine population effect sizes for four sets of variables. Across countries and samples, there is consistent evidence for associations between perceived self-efficacy and the variables under study confirming the validity of the psychometric scale. General self-efficacy appears to be a universal construct that yields meaningful relations with other psychological constructs. terms-of-use Luszczynska, Aleksandra 2013-01-16T08:03:13Z Luszczynska, Aleksandra 2013-01-16T08:03:13Z Scholz, Urte The Journal of Psychology ; 139 (2005), 5. - S. 439-457 Schwarzer, Ralf Schwarzer, Ralf Scholz, Urte 2005-09 eng The General Self-Efficacy Scale : Multicultural Validation Studies

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