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P2P-RMI : Transparent Distribution of Remote Java Objects

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ZINK, Thomas, Oliver HAASE, Jürgen WÄSCH, Marcel WALDVOGEL, 2012. P2P-RMI : Transparent Distribution of Remote Java Objects. In: International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications. 4(5), pp. 17-34. ISSN 0975-2293. eISSN 0974-9322

@article{Zink2012P2PRM-20713, title={P2P-RMI : Transparent Distribution of Remote Java Objects}, year={2012}, number={5}, volume={4}, issn={0975-2293}, journal={International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications}, pages={17--34}, author={Zink, Thomas and Haase, Oliver and Wäsch, Jürgen and Waldvogel, Marcel} }

terms-of-use Waldvogel, Marcel P2P-RMI : Transparent Distribution of Remote Java Objects Zink, Thomas Wäsch, Jürgen International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications ; 4 (2012), 5. - S. 17-34 2012-10-17T10:50:12Z Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is a built-in and easy-to-use framework for the distribution of remote Java objects. Its simplicity and seamless inter-virtual machine communication has made it a valuable tool for distributed services. It nevertheless exhibits certain constraints that practically limit RMI applications to the classical client/server distribution model, and make highly distributed and highly dynamic systems very difficult to build atop RMI.<br /><br />We present an approach that makes Java RMI usable for P2P and similar distribution models. The solution basically consists of three ideas: (1) separate the location of the registry from the remote service object, (2) distribute the registry across a DHT infrastructure, and (3) transparently enhance the built-in communication between RMI servers and clients to allow traversal of NAT and firewall boundaries. Our approach is extremely lightweight, transparent, and requires practically zero configuration. Zink, Thomas 2012 2012-10-17T10:50:12Z Waldvogel, Marcel Wäsch, Jürgen eng Haase, Oliver Haase, Oliver

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