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Quantitative measurement of the near-field enhancement of nanostructures by two-photon polymerization

Quantitative measurement of the near-field enhancement of nanostructures by two-photon polymerization


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GELDHAUSER, Tobias, Andreas KOLLOCH, Naoki MURAZAWA, Kosei UENO, Johannes BONEBERG, Paul LEIDERER, Elke SCHEER, Hiroaki MISAWA, 2012. Quantitative measurement of the near-field enhancement of nanostructures by two-photon polymerization. In: Langmuir. 28(24), pp. 9041-9046. ISSN 0743-7463. eISSN 1520-5827

@article{Geldhauser2012-06-19Quant-19448, title={Quantitative measurement of the near-field enhancement of nanostructures by two-photon polymerization}, year={2012}, doi={10.1021/la300219w}, number={24}, volume={28}, issn={0743-7463}, journal={Langmuir}, pages={9041--9046}, author={Geldhauser, Tobias and Kolloch, Andreas and Murazawa, Naoki and Ueno, Kosei and Boneberg, Johannes and Leiderer, Paul and Scheer, Elke and Misawa, Hiroaki} }

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