Input and Output with XQuery and XML Databases


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SHADURA, Rositsa, 2012. Input and Output with XQuery and XML Databases [Master thesis]

@mastersthesis{Shadura2012Input-19394, title={Input and Output with XQuery and XML Databases}, year={2012}, author={Shadura, Rositsa} }

2012-06-14T10:38:30Z Input and Output with XQuery and XML Databases eng 2012-06-14T10:38:30Z 2012 terms-of-use XML and XQuery provide a convenient way to model, store, retrieve and process data. As a result, XML databases have become more and more popular in recent years. Consequently, their usage scenarios have gone far beyond handling XML exclusively.<br /><br />This thesis focuses on the challenges which emerge from unifying the input and output processing of data in XML databases. Based on the analysis of use cases and existing solutions, we define several requirements which shall be met for generalized data processing. Following those we introduce a generic framework, which can serve as a blueprint when designing the input and output data flow in an XML database. Furthermore, we propose a solution how this framework can be applied in an existing open source XML database, named BaseX, in order to improve its current approach of data processing. Shadura, Rositsa Shadura, Rositsa

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