Packing a truck - now with a twist!

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EISENBRAND, Friedrich, Stefan FUNKE, Andreas KARRENBAUER, Joachim REICHEL, Elmar SCHÖMER, 2007. Packing a truck - now with a twist!. In: International Journal of Computational Geometry & Applications. 17(05), pp. 505-527. ISSN 0218-1959. Available under: doi: 10.1142/S021819590700246X

@article{Eisenbrand2007Packi-19258, title={Packing a truck - now with a twist!}, year={2007}, doi={10.1142/S021819590700246X}, number={05}, volume={17}, issn={0218-1959}, journal={International Journal of Computational Geometry & Applications}, pages={505--527}, author={Eisenbrand, Friedrich and Funke, Stefan and Karrenbauer, Andreas and Reichel, Joachim and Schömer, Elmar} }

Karrenbauer, Andreas Karrenbauer, Andreas Reichel, Joachim Packing a truck - now with a twist! Schömer, Elmar Eisenbrand, Friedrich Publ. in: International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications ; 17 (2007), 5. - pp. 505-527 Funke, Stefan Funke, Stefan terms-of-use 2012-05-09T12:04:19Z In an industry project with a German car manufacturer we are faced with the challenge of placing a maximum number of uniform rigid rectangular boxes in the interior of a car trunk. The problem is of practical importance due to a European industry norm which requires car manufacturers to state the trunk volume according to this measure.<br />No really satisfactory automated solution for this problem has been known in the past. In spite of its NP hardness, combinatorial optimization techniques, which consider only grid-aligned placements, produce solutions which are very close to the one achievable by a human expert in several hours of tedious work. The remaining gap is mostly due to the constraints imposed by the chosen grid.<br />In this paper we present a new approach which combines the grid-based combinatorial method with Simulated Annealing on a continuous model. This allows us to explore arbitrary orientations and placements of boxes, hence closing the gap even further, and – in some cases – even surpass the manual expert solution.<br />The implemented software system allows our industrial partner to incorporate the trunk volume in a very early stage of the car design process without relying on a repeated and cumbersome manual evaluation of the volume. Eisenbrand, Friedrich Reichel, Joachim eng 2012-05-09T12:04:19Z Schömer, Elmar 2007

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