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RAJESH, Bhatt, Tina BÖGEL, Miriam BUTT, Annette HAUTLI, Sebastian SULGER, 2011. Urdu/Hindi modals. In: BUTT, Miriam, ed. and others. Proceedings of LFG1 1. Stanford, CA:CSLI Publ., pp. 47-67

@inproceedings{Rajesh2011Urdu/-18785, title={Urdu/Hindi modals}, year={2011}, address={Stanford, CA}, publisher={CSLI Publ.}, booktitle={Proceedings of LFG1 1}, pages={47--67}, editor={Butt, Miriam}, author={Rajesh, Bhatt and Bögel, Tina and Butt, Miriam and Hautli, Annette and Sulger, Sebastian} }

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