Calcium uptake and proton transport by acidocalcisomes of toxoplasma gondii


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ROHLOFF, Peter, Kildare MIRANDA, Juliany C. F. RODRIGUES, Jianmin FANG, Melina GALIZZI, Helmut PLATTNER, Joachim HENTSCHEL, Silvia N. J. MORENO, 2011. Calcium uptake and proton transport by acidocalcisomes of toxoplasma gondii. In: PLoS ONE. 6(4), e18390. eISSN 1932-6203. Available under: doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0018390

@article{Rohloff2011Calci-18592, title={Calcium uptake and proton transport by acidocalcisomes of toxoplasma gondii}, year={2011}, doi={10.1371/journal.pone.0018390}, number={4}, volume={6}, journal={PLoS ONE}, author={Rohloff, Peter and Miranda, Kildare and Rodrigues, Juliany C. F. and Fang, Jianmin and Galizzi, Melina and Plattner, Helmut and Hentschel, Joachim and Moreno, Silvia N. J.}, note={Article Number: e18390} }

2011 PLoS ONE ; 6 (2011), 4. - e18390 Galizzi, Melina Moreno, Silvia N. J. Rohloff, Peter Fang, Jianmin Miranda, Kildare terms-of-use 2012-03-14T09:59:14Z Fang, Jianmin Rodrigues, Juliany C. F. Plattner, Helmut eng Moreno, Silvia N. J. Acidocalcisomes are acidic calcium stores found in diverse organisms, being conserved from bacteria to humans. They possess an acidic matrix that contains several cations bound to phosphates, which are mainly present in the form of short and long polyphosphate chains. Their matrix is acidified through the action of proton pumps such as a vacuolar proton ATPase and a vacuolar proton pyrophosphatase. Calcium uptake occurs through a Ca2+/H+ countertransporting ATPase located in the membrane of the organelle. Acidocalcisomes have been identified in a variety of microorganisms, including Apicomplexan parasites such as Plasmodium and Eimeria species, and in Toxoplasma gondii. We report the purification and characterization of an acidocalcisome fraction from T. gondii tachyzoites after subcellular fractionation and further discontinuous iodixanol gradient purification. Proton and calcium transport activities in the fraction were characterized by fluorescence microscopy and spectrophotometric methods using acridine orange and arsenazo III, respectively. This work will facilitate the understanding of the function of acidocalcisomes in Apicomplexan parasites, as we can now isolate highly purified fractions that could be used for proteomic analysis to find proteins that may clarify the biogenesis of these<br />organelles. Calcium uptake and proton transport by acidocalcisomes of toxoplasma gondii Rodrigues, Juliany C. F. Rohloff, Peter Galizzi, Melina Plattner, Helmut Miranda, Kildare Hentschel, Joachim 2012-03-14T09:59:14Z Hentschel, Joachim

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