Affect and fairness : Dictator games under cognitive load


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SCHULZ, Jonathan, Urs FISCHBACHER, Christian THÖNI, Verena UTIKAL, 2011. Affect and fairness : Dictator games under cognitive load

@techreport{Schulz2011Affec-16205, series={Research paper series / Thurgauer Wirtschaftsinstitut}, title={Affect and fairness : Dictator games under cognitive load}, year={2011}, number={68}, author={Schulz, Jonathan and Fischbacher, Urs and Thöni, Christian and Utikal, Verena} }

2011 Utikal, Verena Fischbacher, Urs terms-of-use eng Thöni, Christian 2011-10-05T06:35:57Z Schulz, Jonathan Affect and fairness : Dictator games under cognitive load Schulz, Jonathan We investigate the role of affect and deliberation on social preferences. In our<br />laboratory experiment subjects decide on a series of mini Dictator games while they are under varying degrees of cognitive load. The cognitive load is intended to decrease deliberation and therefore enhance the influence of affect on behavior. In each game subjects have two options: they can decide between a fair or an unfair allocation. We find that subjects in a high-load condition are more generous - they more often choose the fair allocation than subjects in a<br />low-load condition. The series of mini Dictator games also allows us to investigate how subjects react to the games’ varying levels of advantageous inequality. Low-load subjects react considerably more to the degree of advantageous inequality. Our results therefore underscore the importance of affect for basic altruistic behavior and deliberation in adjusting decisions to a given situation. 2011-10-05T06:35:57Z Utikal, Verena Thöni, Christian Fischbacher, Urs

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