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Magnetic-field-induced domain-wall motion in permalloy nanowires with modified Gilbert damping

Magnetic-field-induced domain-wall motion in permalloy nanowires with modified Gilbert damping


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MOORE, Thomas A., Philipp MÖHRKE, Lutz HEYNE, Andreas KALDUN, Mathias KLÄUI, Dirk BACKES, Jan RHENSIUS, Laura J. HEYDERMAN, Jan-Ulrich THIELE, Georg WOLTERSDORF, Arantxa FRAILE RODRÍGUEZ, Frithjof NOLTING, Tevfik O. MENTEŞ, Miguel Á. NIÑO, Andrea LOCATELLI, Alessandro POTENZA, Helder MARCHETTO, Stuart CAVILL, Sarnjeet S. DHESI, 2010. Magnetic-field-induced domain-wall motion in permalloy nanowires with modified Gilbert damping. In: Physical Review B. 82(9). ISSN 1098-0121. Available under: doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.82.094445

@article{Moore2010Magne-14447, title={Magnetic-field-induced domain-wall motion in permalloy nanowires with modified Gilbert damping}, year={2010}, doi={10.1103/PhysRevB.82.094445}, number={9}, volume={82}, issn={1098-0121}, journal={Physical Review B}, author={Moore, Thomas A. and Möhrke, Philipp and Heyne, Lutz and Kaldun, Andreas and Kläui, Mathias and Backes, Dirk and Rhensius, Jan and Heyderman, Laura J. and Thiele, Jan-Ulrich and Woltersdorf, Georg and Fraile Rodríguez, Arantxa and Nolting, Frithjof and Menteş, Tevfik O. and Niño, Miguel Á. and Locatelli, Andrea and Potenza, Alessandro and Marchetto, Helder and Cavill, Stuart and Dhesi, Sarnjeet S.} }

Menteş, Tevfik O. Cavill, Stuart Moore, Thomas A. Fraile Rodríguez, Arantxa Marchetto, Helder Fraile Rodríguez, Arantxa Thiele, Jan-Ulrich terms-of-use 2011-11-17T15:47:36Z Kaldun, Andreas Nolting, Frithjof Rhensius, Jan Möhrke, Philipp Backes, Dirk Locatelli, Andrea Niño, Miguel Á. Kläui, Mathias Nolting, Frithjof Heyderman, Laura J. Niño, Miguel Á. eng Potenza, Alessandro Backes, Dirk Heyderman, Laura J. Potenza, Alessandro Woltersdorf, Georg 2011-11-17T15:47:36Z Dhesi, Sarnjeet S. Moore, Thomas A. Rhensius, Jan Domain wall (DW) depinning and motion in the viscous regime induced by magnetic fields, are investigated in planar permalloy nanowires in which the Gilbert damping α is tuned in the range 0.008–0.26 by doping with Ho. Real time, spatially resolved magneto-optic Kerr effect measurements yield depinning field distributions and DW mobilities. Depinning occurs at discrete values of the field which are correlated with different metastable DW states and changed by the doping. For α<0.033, the DW mobilities are smaller than expected while for α≥0.033, there is agreement between the measured DW mobilities and those predicted by the standard one-dimensional model of field-induced DW motion. Micromagnetic simulations indicate that this is because as α increases, the DW spin structure becomes increasingly rigid. Only when the damping is large can the DW be approximated as a pointlike quasiparticle that exhibits the simple translational motion predicted in the viscous regime. When the damping is small, the DW spin structure undergoes periodic distortions that lead to a velocity reduction. We therefore show that Ho doping of permalloy nanowires enables engineering of the DW depinning and mobility, as well as the extent of the viscous regime. Menteş, Tevfik O. Möhrke, Philipp Marchetto, Helder Kaldun, Andreas Kläui, Mathias First publ. in: Physical Review : B ; 82 (2010). - 094445 Magnetic-field-induced domain-wall motion in permalloy nanowires with modified Gilbert damping Dhesi, Sarnjeet S. Woltersdorf, Georg Locatelli, Andrea 2010 Heyne, Lutz Thiele, Jan-Ulrich Heyne, Lutz Cavill, Stuart

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