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Conversion of CD95 (Fas) Type II into Type I signaling by sub-lethal doses of cycloheximide

Conversion of CD95 (Fas) Type II into Type I signaling by sub-lethal doses of cycloheximide


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BRUMATTI, Gabriela, Monica YON, Fabiola A. CASTRO, Ana Elisa Barreiros BUENO-DA-SILVA, Jacqueline F. JACYSYN, Thomas BRUNNER, Gustavo P. AMARANTE-MENDES, 2008. Conversion of CD95 (Fas) Type II into Type I signaling by sub-lethal doses of cycloheximide. In: Experimental Cell Research. 314(3), pp. 554-563. ISSN 0014-4827

@article{Brumatti2008-02-01Conve-14270, title={Conversion of CD95 (Fas) Type II into Type I signaling by sub-lethal doses of cycloheximide}, year={2008}, doi={10.1016/j.yexcr.2007.11.003}, number={3}, volume={314}, issn={0014-4827}, journal={Experimental Cell Research}, pages={554--563}, author={Brumatti, Gabriela and Yon, Monica and Castro, Fabiola A. and Bueno-da-Silva, Ana Elisa Barreiros and Jacysyn, Jacqueline F. and Brunner, Thomas and Amarante-Mendes, Gustavo P.} }

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