Emotional intelligence in the context of learning and achievement

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GÖTZ, Thomas, Anne C. FRENZEL, Reinhard PEKRUN, Nathan C. HALL, 2005. Emotional intelligence in the context of learning and achievement. In: SCHULZE, Ralf, ed., Richard D. ROBERTS, ed.. Emotional intelligence : an international handbook. Cambridge, MA [u.a.]:Hogrefe & Huber, pp. 233-253. ISBN 0-88937-283-7

@incollection{Gotz2005Emoti-13901, title={Emotional intelligence in the context of learning and achievement}, year={2005}, isbn={0-88937-283-7}, address={Cambridge, MA [u.a.]}, publisher={Hogrefe & Huber}, booktitle={Emotional intelligence : an international handbook}, pages={233--253}, editor={Schulze, Ralf and Roberts, Richard D.}, author={Götz, Thomas and Frenzel, Anne C. and Pekrun, Reinhard and Hall, Nathan C.} }

First publ. in: Emotional intelligence : an international handbook / Ralf Schulze, Richard D. Roberts (Eds.). - Cambridge, MA : Hogrefe & Huber, 2005. - S. 233-253 Hall, Nathan C. Frenzel, Anne C. 2005 2011-07-27T07:26:45Z Götz, Thomas Hall, Nathan C. This chapter is concerned primariliy with emotional intelligence (EI) as it relates to learning and achievement in an academic setting. It aims to assist researchers, educators, and politicians alike to decide what aspects of EI are worthwhile to promote and are possible to teach in school. We first discuss the conceptualization of EI on which the present contribution is based, and provide on overview of existing programs for fostering EI in schools. Based on some major flaws we have identified in these programs, we present a framework of antecedents, "intelligent" processing, and effects of academic emotions. Subsequently, a model for fostering EI in academic learning and achievement situations is presented, and tangible instructional suggestions are provided. The chapter closes with implications for research and scholastic applications. terms-of-use 2011-07-27T07:26:45Z Pekrun, Reinhard Götz, Thomas Pekrun, Reinhard Emotional intelligence in the context of learning and achievement Frenzel, Anne C. eng

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