Coping with Boredom in School : An Experience Sampling Analysis

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NETT, Ulrike, Thomas GÖTZ, Nathan C. HALL, 2010. Coping with Boredom in School : An Experience Sampling Analysis. In: Contemporary Educational Psychology. 36(1), pp. 49-59. Available under: doi: 10.1016/j.cedpsych.2010.10.003

@article{Nett2010Copin-12357, title={Coping with Boredom in School : An Experience Sampling Analysis}, year={2010}, doi={10.1016/j.cedpsych.2010.10.003}, number={1}, volume={36}, journal={Contemporary Educational Psychology}, pages={49--59}, author={Nett, Ulrike and Götz, Thomas and Hall, Nathan C.} }

Götz, Thomas terms-of-use eng The present study explored students’ use of boredom-related coping strategies at trait and state levels. Two trait-based dimensions of coping relevant to boredom were considered, namely approach – versus avoidance-oriented and cognitively – versus behaviorally-oriented coping strategies. The two dimensions were assessed in a self-report questionnaire administered to 537 grade 11 students (55.3% female, M<sub>age</sub> = 17.15 years). Additionally, 79 of these participants completed state-based boredom-related coping measures over a 2-week period using an experience sampling method. Analyses of the trait measures suggested that two contrasting, broad approaches characterized participants’ strategies for coping with boredom, namely a cognitive-approach orientation and a behavioral-avoidance orientation. In both the trait- and state-based analyses, the cognitive-approach orientation was associated with lower levels of boredom. Implications for interventions promoting the use of cognitive-approach strategies for dealing with boredom in the classroom are discussed. 2011-03-25T15:26:18Z Nett, Ulrike First publ. in: Contemporary Educational Psychology, 36 (2011), 1, pp. 49-59 Götz, Thomas Coping with Boredom in School : An Experience Sampling Analysis Hall, Nathan C. Hall, Nathan C. Nett, Ulrike 2011-03-25T15:26:18Z application/pdf 2010

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