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Two-sided messages and double-bind communication in war reporting

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REIMANN, Michael, 1997. Two-sided messages and double-bind communication in war reporting

@techreport{Reimann1997Twosi-12032, series={Diskussionsbeiträge der Projektgruppe Friedensforschung}, title={Two-sided messages and double-bind communication in war reporting}, year={1997}, number={Diskussionsbeiträge der Projektgruppe Friedensforschung, Projekt 13/85, Universität Konstanz Nr. 38/1997}, author={Reimann, Michael} }

Reimann, Michael 1997 application/pdf eng Two-sided messages and double-bind communication in war reporting 2011-03-25T09:42:15Z 2011-03-25T09:42:15Z War-reporting often has to deal with contradictory information: there might especially be some good news about the enemy-side, its actions or intentions, and there might be some criticism about one's own side, its actions or intentions.<br />Even war-reporting that can be characterized as war-propaganda cannot ignore this information, but has to ward it off by other means: by using two-sided messages or double-bind communication. By incorporating the contradictory information, war-propaganda may even increase its effect on the reader: it shows that in the end the enemy-side is 'bad' (though not as dangerous to be able to threaten our confidence to win the war), and that one's own side is 'good' (though it sometimes may make some mistakes). Thereby the reporting looks much more like well-balanced news-coverage, and it doesn't 'smell' like propaganda.<br />In the present paper some exemplary analyses of two-sided messages and of double-bind communication from the german media coverage of the Gulf-War and an attempt to systemize them will be presented. terms-of-use Reimann, Michael

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