Chronic, incurable or what? : Perceptions of corruption in Croatia

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STULHOFER, Alexander, Kresimir KUFRIN, Ognjen CALDAROVIC, Tomislav MARSIC, Margareta GREGUROVIC, Iva ODAK, Martina DETELIC, 2007. Chronic, incurable or what? : Perceptions of corruption in Croatia

@techreport{Stulhofer2007Chron-11455, series={Crime and Culture : discussion paper series}, title={Chronic, incurable or what? : Perceptions of corruption in Croatia}, year={2007}, number={5}, author={Stulhofer, Alexander and Kufrin, Kresimir and Caldarovic, Ognjen and Marsic, Tomislav and Gregurovic, Margareta and Odak, Iva and Detelic, Martina} }

Kufrin, Kresimir Gregurovic, Margareta application/pdf Detelic, Martina Stulhofer, Alexander Kufrin, Kresimir Odak, Iva Detelic, Martina Stulhofer, Alexander eng 2007 Caldarovic, Ognjen Odak, Iva 2011-03-25T09:34:06Z 2011-03-25T09:34:06Z Chronic, incurable or what? : Perceptions of corruption in Croatia Caldarovic, Ognjen Marsic, Tomislav Gregurovic, Margareta During the past 17 years, Croatia underwent major social, political and economic transformations. Unlike the majority of post-communist countries, these simultaneous changes were deeply affected and complicated by the 1991-1995 war. A combination of the cultural legacy of state socialism, disruptions and costs caused by the war, a slow and tightly party controlled process of institutional reforms, especially in respect to privatization, and the authoritarian and clientelist regime of the late President Tudjman led to systematic irregularities within economic subsystem and to a number of anomalies in public services. Such a situation resulted in the widespread perception that corruption is ubiquitous.<br />In contrast to surveys, which documented the increasing public perception of corruption, available crime statistics suggest a decrease in corrupt activities. Marsic, Tomislav Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

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