A motivational-volitional perspective on identity development


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GOLLWITZER, Peter M., Ute C. BAYER, Michaela SCHERER, Andrea E. SEIFERT, 1999. A motivational-volitional perspective on identity development. In: BRANDSTADTER, Jochen, ed.. Action and self-development : Theory and research through the life-span. London:Sage, pp. 283-314. ISBN 0-7619-1543-5

@incollection{Gollwitzer1999motiv-11250, title={A motivational-volitional perspective on identity development}, year={1999}, isbn={0-7619-1543-5}, address={London}, publisher={Sage}, booktitle={Action and self-development : Theory and research through the life-span}, pages={283--314}, editor={Brandstadter, Jochen}, author={Gollwitzer, Peter M. and Bayer, Ute C. and Scherer, Michaela and Seifert, Andrea E.} }

Bayer, Ute C. 2011-03-25T09:26:41Z 1999 terms-of-use Gollwitzer, Peter M. Seifert, Andrea E. Scherer, Michaela In this chapter we discuss identity development from a goal implementation perspective. Identity achievement is typically (e.g., Marcia, 1980) defined as a choke between options (e.g., "Should I become a physician or a pharmacist?"). This traditional perspective ignores the fact that identity choices have to be accompanied by implementational efforts. According to self-completion theory (Wicklund & Gollwitzer, 1982), the implementation of identity goals persists over time, because identity goals cannot actually be completed. In addition, single failures do not stop their pursuit, but lead to enhanced striving for identity goals. A person spontaneously initiates this enhanced striving through compensatory efforts (called self-symbolizing) that focus on indicating completeness to others through the acquisition of relevant symbols of the identity aspired to (e.g., writing articles for a scientist, children's school grades for being a good mother). The person assigns ta others the role of an audience that only has to take notice of the person's self-symbolizing efforts; no sensitive social interactions between the audience and the person are attempted or necessary (Wicklund & Gollwitzer, 1982). Scherer, Michaela A motivational-volitional perspective on identity development Gollwitzer, Peter M. First publ. in: Action and self-development: Theory and research through the life-span / ed. by Jochen Brandstadter. London: Sage, 1999, pp. 283-314 Bayer, Ute C. eng application/pdf Seifert, Andrea E. 2011-03-25T09:26:41Z

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