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Trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychiatric comorbidity in forensic patients

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Trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychiatric comorbidity in forensic patients

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GARIEBALLA, Samia Sirag, 2004. Trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychiatric comorbidity in forensic patients [Dissertation]. Konstanz: University of Konstanz

@phdthesis{Garieballa2004Traum-10927, title={Trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychiatric comorbidity in forensic patients}, year={2004}, author={Garieballa, Samia Sirag}, address={Konstanz}, school={Universität Konstanz} }

application/pdf 2011-03-25T09:23:58Z eng Garieballa, Samia Sirag 2004 Garieballa, Samia Sirag Trauma, posttraumatische Belastungsstörung und psychiatrische Komorbidität bei forensischen Patienten Trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychiatric comorbidity in forensic patients 2011-03-25T09:23:58Z Violence and crime are often associated with traumatic experiences. The relationship between criminal behavior and traumatic stressors has been investigated from different perspectives. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), a set of symptoms following exposure to trauma is not only a common consequence of repeated exposure to violence but may also lead to criminal behavior. Hyperarousal, the readiness for attack, anger outbursts, flashbacks triggered by conditions similar to those existing at the time of trauma, all may pose a risk factor for uncontrolled and fierce action. Moreover, criminal offenses can be connected to the specific trauma which the individual has experienced earlier. Hence, it seems conceivable to investigate trauma spectrum disorders in individuals, who have committed a crime and are assigned to psychiatric treatment, that is, in forensic patients.<br /><br />The present study was performed to examine trauma and related disorders in forensic patients comparing two rather different cultural settings.<br />The prevalence of PTSD in relation to characteristics of traumatic experiences and comorbid symptoms of anxiety and depression were investigated in sixteen German and fifteen Sudanese forensic patients with the use of Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV: P-module (SCID-P) and Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale (PDS) for PTSD and trauma prevalence; Hopkins Symptoms Checklist-25 (HSCL-25) and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) for prevalence of comorbid symptoms. In addition, positive and negative lifetime experiences across four developmental periods were assessed retrospectively with the Traumatic Antecedents Questionnaire (TAQ).<br />Subjects reported an average of five traumatic experiences with the first one occurring during childhood. Accordingly, PTSD-diagnoses were frequent in the total sample (38.7% current, 54.8% lifetime PTSD) and more likely in patients with a greater number of reported traumatic experiences. Moreover, neglect in early childhood and emotional abuse during latency were<br />significantly associated with current PTSD diagnosis. The rate of co-morbid anxiety symptoms (60%) and depression (64%) was substantial. Differences in psychiatric profiles between the two cultures could not be detected.<br />It is concluded that forensic patients are highly exposed to multiple traumatic events, often already during childhood and are thus at high risk of developing trauma spectrum disorders. Results suggest that clinical evaluation of forensic patients should include evaluation of PTSD in addition to anxiety and depression, and that intervention stratigies should address these coexisting symptoms. terms-of-use

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