Theta oscillations predict the detrimental effects of memory retrieval


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HANSLMAYR, Simon, Tobias STAUDIGL, Alp ASLAN, Karl-Heinz BÄUML, 2010. Theta oscillations predict the detrimental effects of memory retrieval. In: Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience. 10(3), pp. 329-338. Available under: doi: 10.3758/CABN.10.3.329

@article{Hanslmayr2010Theta-10767, title={Theta oscillations predict the detrimental effects of memory retrieval}, year={2010}, doi={10.3758/CABN.10.3.329}, number={3}, volume={10}, journal={Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience}, pages={329--338}, author={Hanslmayr, Simon and Staudigl, Tobias and Aslan, Alp and Bäuml, Karl-Heinz} }

2011-09-30T22:25:04Z First publ. in: Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience 10 (2010), 3, pp. 329-338 Retrieving a target item from episodic memory typically enhances later memory for the retrieved item but causes forgetting of competing irrelevant memories. This finding is termed retrieval-induced forgetting (RIF) and is assumed to be the consequence of an inhibitory mechanism resolving retrieval competition. In the present study, we examined brain oscillatory processes related to RIF, as induced by competitive memory retrieval. Contrasting a competitive with a noncompetitive retrieval condition, we found a stronger increase in early evoked theta (4 7 Hz) activity, which specifically predicted RIF, but not retrieval-induced enhancement. Within the cognitive framework of RIF, these findings suggest that theta oscillations reflect arising interference and its resolution during competitive retrieval in episodic memory. Supplemental materials for this article may be downloaded from Aslan, Alp application/pdf Theta oscillations predict the detrimental effects of memory retrieval eng terms-of-use Bäuml, Karl-Heinz Hanslmayr, Simon Hanslmayr, Simon Staudigl, Tobias Aslan, Alp 2010 2011-03-25T09:22:28Z Bäuml, Karl-Heinz Staudigl, Tobias

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