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Ultrabroadband Moth-Eye Antireflection Structures on GaSe Produced by Focused-Ion Beam Milling

2021, Sulzer, Philipp, Hagner, Matthias, Liehl, Andreas, Cimander, Moritz, Kempf, Hannes, Bitzer, Annegret, Herter, Alexa, Leitenstorfer, Alfred

Minimizing losses and suppression of reflection-induced echos in thin nonlinear crystals is of critical importance to both classical time-domain spectroscopy and time-domain quantum electrodynamics [1] . GaSe represents an important material in this context. However, it is challenging to coat and manipulate using macroscopic methods due to its van-der-Waals-bonded structure of hexagonal monolayers and atomically flat surfaces. At least, some progress relying on femtosecond laser ablation was demonstrated recently [2] .


Ultrabroadband suppression of mid-infrared reflection losses of a layered semiconductor by nanopatterning with a focused ion beam

2021, Hagner, Matthias, Sulzer, Philipp, Liehl, Andreas, Cimander, Moritz, Kempf, Hannes, Bitzer, Annika, Herter, Alexa, Leitenstorfer, Alfred

Moth-eye structures are patterned onto gallium selenide surfaces with sub-micrometer precision. In this way, Fresnel reflection losses are suppressed to below one percent within an ultrabroad optical bandwidth from 15 to 65 THz. We tune the geometry by rigorous coupled-wave analysis. Subsequently, ablation with a Ga+ ion beam serves to write optimized structures in areas covering 30 by 30 μm. The benefits are demonstrated via optical rectification of femtosecond laser pulses under tight focusing, resulting in emission of phase-stable transients in the mid-infrared. We analyze the performance of antireflection coating directly in the time domain by ultrabroadband electro-optic sampling.


Passive elimination of correlated amplitude fluctuations in ultrabroadband supercontinua from highly nonlinear fibers by three-wave mixing

2020-09-01, Sulzer, Philipp, Beckh, Cornelius, Liehl, Andreas, Huster, Jeldrik, Keller, Kilian R., Cimander, Moritz, Henzler, Philipp, Traum, Christian, Riek, Claudius, Seletskiy, Denis V., Leitenstorfer, Alfred

The nonlinear transformation of fluctuations by frequency broadening is found to produce strong anti-correlations in the spectral output. This effect is investigated by dispersive Fourier transform measurements. We exploit the anti-correlations in order to cancel the intensity noise in a subsequent sum-frequency mixing step. This principle allows for the generation of tunable visible pulses by cascaded nonlinear mixing whilst maintaining the same intensity noise performance as the input pulses. In addition, we demonstrate that the power fluctuations occurring in the process of passive stabilization of the carrier-envelope phase locking via difference frequency generation may be cancelled by an analogous strategy.