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"Toma‐La Ciudad" : Intersubjective Activism in Guadalajara's Streets and City Museum

2019, Acosta-García, Raùl

In autumn 2013, an activist network in Guadalajara, Mexico, mounted a museum exhibition, carried out interventions in city streets, and organized various events to persuade urban dwellers and government officials to address problems in the metropolis. The mostly middle-class activists used the phrase “Toma-la Ciudad” (Take the City) to encourage urban dwellers to engage in organized civil society efforts that would have the potential to reshape Guadalajara. Based on ethnographic fieldwork among participating groups, this article introduces the concept of “intersubjective activism” and employs it as a means by which to analyze the uses of and references to sensory experiences of the city. By inciting empathic responses toward how others experience the city, activists sought to break down some of the barriers that characterize Mexico’s inequalities. They also appeared to have learned lessons from previous forms of activism in which violent protests did not achieve their desired goals.

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Mexico through a superdiversity lens : already-existing diversity meets new immigration

2015, Acosta-García, Raùl, Martínez-Ortiz, Esperanza

New migration flows to Mexico are challenging long-established sociocultural configurations. So far, most studies on immigrants in Mexico have focused on singular ethno-national groups rather than paying attention to the intermingling of people. This paper presents an examination of diversification processes occurring in Guadalajara, Mexico. We contend that these are particularly strained because of the continuing frictions with which the country has to deal due to its already-existing diversity. The many forms of discrimination and racism that many Mexicans are subjected to by their co-nationals are often extended to new arrivals. The increasing complexity of migrant inflows challenges established forms of prejudice in everyday interactions. We argue in this paper that the use of superdiversity as a lens to study diversification processes allows us to better understand the changing dynamics currently taking place in Mexico.

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Potthast, Barbara, Christian Büschges, Wolfgang Gabbert, Silke Hensel y Olaf Kaltmeier (eds.): Dinámicas de inclusión y exclusión en América Latina : conceptos y prácticas de etnicidad, ciudadanía y pertenencia

2018, Acosta-García, Raùl

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Insurgent Encounters : Transnational Activism, Ethnography, and the Political

2014, Acosta-García, Raùl

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Diversities old and new : migration and socio-spatial patterns in New York, Singapore and Johannesburg

2016-06-20, Acosta-García, Raùl