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Flexible, Lightweight, and Ultrabendable RuO2–MnO2/Graphite Sheets for Supercapacitors

2022, Ramadoss, Ananthakumar, Wong, Ka Kan, Swain, Nilimapriyadarsini, Mohanty, Ankita, Kirubavathi, K., Selvaraju, K., Schmidt-Mende, Lukas

In the present work, we have introduced lightweight, ultrabendable, rough graphite sheets on a polyimide tape substrate as a current collector. The flexible current collector was fabricated by the peel-off method. The as-prepared graphite-sheet-coated polyimide substrate is ultraflexible (bendable, rollable, and twistable), thin, and lightweight, has better conductivity, high mechanical durability, and ease of fabrication, and is cost-effective, rough, and environment friendly. The fabricated flexible current collector could be directly used as the substrate for constructing RuO2–MnO2/graphite flexible supercapacitors. The as-prepared electrode delivered a maximum gravimetric capacitance of 183 F g–1 (73.5 mF cm–2) at a current density of 1 A g–1 with better rate capability and 96% capacitance retention (after 5000 cycles). The better electrochemical performance of the electrode is due to the rough surface and good electrical conductivity of the current collector leads to the better attachment of active material and rapid ions/electron transfer.

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Construction of light-weight and flexible vanadium nitride coated graphite paper electrodes for supercapacitors

2022, Ramadoss, Ananthakumar, Mohanty, Ankita, Saravanan, K. Gobi, Kundu, Manab, Noby, Sohaila Z., Kirubavathi, K., Selvaraju, K., Schmidt-Mende, Lukas

The energy storage devices for flexible/wearable and portable electronics are on immediate requirement demanding for high-performance flexible supercapacitors. Nevertheless, the real-time application of advanced electronics necessitates supercapacitors to own admirable mechanical properties to endure rigorous straining environments. Also, it is necessary to reduce the mass and volume of the whole device. Therefore, constructing a high-performance flexible supercapacitor based on better electrochemical and significant mechanical properties is still a formidable task. Herein, we have successfully fabricated a vanadium nitride thin film electrode onto the flexible, thin, and light-weight graphite paper substrate via reactive direct current (DC) magnetron sputtering method. The as-fabricated graphite sheets current collector is flexible, thin, light-weight, electrically conductiviting, cost-effective, and easy to fabricate. Furthermore, the as-prepared binder-free flexible negative electrode displayed better supercapacitor performance in terms of specific capacitance and cycle stability. The negative electrode exhibited an areal capacitance of 91 mF cm−2 and better cycling stability with > 64% capacitance retention after 2000 cycles. Moreover, the flexible hybrid supercapacitor is fabricated with NiCo hydroxide and VN films and showed a maximum energy density of 1.80 μWh cm−2 and power density of 387.5 μW cm−2 and good stability. These results propose that the fabricated electrode has great prospective as a power source for flexible, wearable, and portable electronic devices.